Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One Deep Breath - Reflection

Cratered sphere of rock
Suspended in galaxy
Reflects sun’s glory


Mirrored gazing ball
Curved mercury images
Of gardener’s vision.


Grace bends down
Drinking deeply
Of its own reflection

I know the last one isn't a traditional haiku. I wrote it after remembering a picture of a giraffe's reflection in the water as it bent to drink. I've looked for the picture but can't find it again.

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Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, but I love the last one! I thought you were talking about God!

Roswila said...

I, too, really like the last a lot. It could be the grace of many, many different things. And that's what is so lovely about it. For me, it started me thinking about all the grace that is around us, if we open our eyes. (I first saw a weeping willow, for instance, because I love them.) This ku may be a little untraditional outside of an explicating haiga, but I'd "vote" for it as a haiku!

giggles said...

Yes I love that last one too....could be up for many interpretations! Wonderful!

Peace and giggles

Brian said...

I've always liked gazing balls. Thanks for the poems.

Star said...

I really like the last one. I usually get all tied up in the traditional requirements, but I love the picture it creates in my mind. It's good to break out!

Paris Parfait said...

All three are lovely. Well done!

getzapped said...

The first two are splendid. Are they in response to the McNaught comet that was visible recently? I witnessed it's beauty on chilly evening. Gorgeous sight to behold. The last one is very sweet. Thank you.

Tammy said...

I'm with Regina ;) LOL Grace is a giraffe? Loved all three!

Jone said...

These are lovely. I tried to photograph my gazing ball but haven't gotten one to post yet. The last one is beautiful, may we all be filled with grace.

JourneyThroughLIfe said...

Excellent! I love the first one in particular!

Erin O' said...

3 very nice haiku -- I really like the second one, because the last line surprised me, and the image became so clear.