Monday, January 1, 2007

One Deep Breath - New Year

In our family we make fun predictions for the New Year. We read what we wrote down from the year before and then make up new ideas of what the next year will bring. We always keep it fun - things like a child losing their first tooth, the number of soccer goals kicked in the season, what the new cousin will be named etc. It's a fun way to think about the year the is past and the year that is coming.

New Year’s predictions
Pondering past and future
Of our family life

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Roswila said...

A fun way to celebrate the year's changing.

Becca said...

These sound like lots more fun than resoloutions. A nice family tradition, described perfectly in your poem.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I agree with Becca - sounds like more fun than resolutions!

Tammy said...

I love that idea! Well done!