Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Signs of Spring

Robins visit my yard everyday.

Tulip leaves are pushing up through the earth.

I saw my first clump of blooming daffodils today.

Soft green buds line the branches of the weeping willow trees.

Barefoot kids enjoy the warmer weather.

Balls, bikes, and boys fill the yard.

My mind is full of ideas for curricula and classes for next year.

Soccer practice fills the evenings.

Forsythia bursts into gaudy, vibrant bloom.

I count down how many days of school are left for the year.

Open windows let in breezes that blow loose papers off tables and counters.

Sunshine days alternate with cold rain and mud.


Melissa B. said...

Our forsythia is about to bust out all over. And I saw a robin wrangling with a worm the other morning. Just need to get thru these couple more weeks of changeable weather, and I think Spring will have finally Sprung!

Tammy said...

Lovely. I can't wait until our forsythia bursts. The birds love to nestle in its branches and I love to hear them sing. Oh the sweet sounds of spring.

Call Me Cate said...

Nothing says Spring to me like tulips and daffodils. Happy!!!

Anonymous said...

There's a sweet smell in the air these days! Happy Wednesday!!

Karen (KayKay) said...

This so wonderfully expresses the feeling of spring. I'm so glad that it's here!

Jenners said...

You got them all! Love this -- said so much so succinctly! My son is starting soccer on Saturday and I am so excited. I guess I'll officially be a "soccer mom" then!

And our daffodils and hyacinths are just starting to come up. I love spring!!!

lemonologie said...

I am seeing all the signs too! It's beautiful here today - I am so glad Spring is finally here!