Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fictitious To-Do Lists

I ran across an idea in an old "Real Simple" magazine the other day while I was killing time in a waiting room. I have no idea how old the magazine was, but it was a January issue. The writer had created to-do lists for various people, including Genghis Khan, Steve Jobs and J.K. Rowling. That little nub of an idea turned out to be lots of fun.

Sarah Palin
1. Call First Dude
2. Go moose hunting
3. Sell the plane
4. Fire the cook
5. Put on lipstick
6. Tell lame joke

AIG Execs
1 for the bailout
2 for CEO
3 for the bonus
4 hit the road

1. Sharpen quill
2. Sharpen wit
3. Trim beard to fine point
4. Decide to be or not to be

Jack Sparrow
1. Commandeer ship
2. Pillage and plunder
3. Swagger
4. Woo wench

Wee Willy Winky
1. Run through town in nightgown
2. Rap at windows
3. Cry at locks
4. Check status of children at 8 o'clock

Your turn! If you decide to scribble out some to-do lists, please let me know! I'd love to read what you come up with.


Call Me Cate said...

My kitty Tonya:

1. Sleep on the sofa
2. Eat crunchies
3. Sleep on the stairs
4. Use my box
5. Crawl all over the kitchen counter
6. Cry about empty dish
7. Sleep in the window
8. Barf in a shoe

Veggie Mom said...

How fun! I'll have to think on this awhile...can I get back to you?

Jenners said...

I'm in! I love it! I'll have to think upon it and I'll do it for my next post! What a fun idea!!!!!! I love Wee Willie Winky and Shakesspeare the best I think!

Mandy said...

LOL! I love it. Those are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Carol Brady:

1.Decide what Alice should fix for dinner
2. Solve teenage problems
3. Have Alice do the laundry
4. Sit on Mikes lap and say something witty
5. Make a grocery list for Alice


1. Ask for a raise

Melissa B. said...

What a fun little ol' exercise! And speaking of which, please don't forget Sx3 today...I'm doing a video, which is quirky enough to get everyone's creative juices flowing!

Kathy B! said...

What a great idea! Loved this lists. Weston Elliott gets point for nailing the Brady Bunch :)

Tiffany said...

Cate's list for her cat, Tonya is great.

Weston Elliot had me laughing out loud with the Brady lists! Those are much better than mine and way better than those I read in Real Simple magazine.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea!! Weston Elliot is hilarious!!

Karen (KayKay) said...

Oh Tiffany - those are great! Very funny. Ok, I'll think a while and try to come up with a couple myself.

Jenners said...

Hi Again! I just posted my list and gave the link to this post for others who might want to do it. The Carol Brady one is hilarious!

Here is the link to my to do list:

My To Do Lists Here

septembermom said...

Really funny lists! I like the Sarah Palin list. Wonder what First Dude thinks of his wife's lame jokes?

T Rex Mom said...

I posted my lists on my blog: my toddler's to do list and Captain Kirk's to do list. Thanks for the inspiration!

Debbi said...

very cute. Will do this in a future post. Yay for fun ideas! :)

septembermom said...

Hi, Tiffany! I just put up my own to-do list for Gilligan on my blog! Thanks for the great idea. This was fun :)

Luke said...

"Woo wench"

Hilarious [smile].


shabby girl said...

Willy, the dog's, list:
1. Sigh loudly until THEY get up.
2. Add voice to sigh until THEY get up.
3. Try to do that thing to Shasta until THEY get up.
4. Be FIRST out the door to pee.
5. Keep a civil tongue in my mouth while SHE makes breakfast.
6. Clean bird seed around cage.
7. Check yard for rabbit poo.
8. Hold down kitchen tile.
9. Sleep diagonally in THIER bed all day.

TuTu's Bliss said...

This is so wonderful and creative. I think this is inspiring..I saw how you inspired the hysterical list at over at Jenners and had to see what you were up to. Hugs, Jen

Brandy said...

Too funny!

I got my book yesterday...thank you!

Pink Ink said...

That's hilarious!

My character Juzliza, in today's scene:

-Fight off former lover
-Make snide remarks
-Look beautiful
-Act tough
-Pretend to be in love with someone else

Donnetta said...

1. Dust the 4 inches of dust in my bedroom
2. Fold the 42,000 pieces of baby chicklet's clothing that she changes into EVERY day!
3. Moan and lament all the weight I've gained as I scarf hot wings down as quickly as I can.
4. Continuously look at the clock to see if it's 5:00 so I can have a BEER! ;)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Dwight Schrute:

1. kiss Michael's butt
2. annoy Jim
3. harvest beets
4. use lint roller to remove cat hair after kissing Angela in the back room
5. practice being creepy

hee, hee...I think I'm going to borrow this idea for my blog :)

Kas said...

How fun! I like your "To do lists".

Thanks for the comments!

Lacie E. said...

Thanks for visiting me today!! This post cracked me up, I think you should do one for like Brittany Spears or Paula Abdul ha ha.

Paige said...

A bit belatedly, what a creative idea! Love it. It does my English-degree heart good! I shall have to think on it for awhile. :)

Thanks for stopping by yesterday, btw. The new water heater is successfully installed, and they're coming back to shampoo the carpets today!

Leslie said...

Jane Austen To-do List:

1. Ponder the meaning of love and relationships.

2. Write handful of books that make romance come to life.

3. Become favorite female author for time immortal.

4. Die alone and penniless.