Monday, January 12, 2009

Writing Challenge 2009

If you're looking for this week's Haiku prompt, click here.

Jenners let me know about this writing challenge hosted by In Search of Giants. The goal is to write 1000 words a month. The writing can be fiction or creative non-fiction. In one year, I should have 12,000 words to show for my efforts. I have a terrible pattern of winning National Novel Writing Month and then putting my pen down until the next November. Hopefully, being part of this challenge will keep me writing this year.

Through In Search of Giants, I found a writing contest hosted by The Clarity of Night. I'm working on my 250 word entry. I'll post it here when I finish.


Jenners said...

Oh I'm so glad you found that helpful! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! : )

Anonymous said...

I think I'm gonna join the challenge too. I also have a bad pattern of winning NaNoWriMo and then doing nothing else. Good luck with the Clarity of Night Contest. Mine is entry #26.

Veggie Mom said...

I'm in! Or at least I'm posting about The Challenge tomorrow!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I admire you guys!

For me, writing has to be fun and spontanious. Otherwise it's "work"!

Good luck!

Vanessa Rogers said...

I found about the November writing challege in the middle of November so I didn't participate, but that was pretty much just a lame excuse not to write, write, write. Great challenge.