Friday, January 30, 2009

January's Over - How am I Doing on My Goals?

This is our world right now. Ice, frosted with a fluffy layer of snow. The sun came out today and turned everything into crystal. The trees looked as if a thousand tiny prisms hung from their branches, splitting the light into colors.

So how have I done on my Lit Themed Goals for this month?

1. I wanted to keep better track of the books I read. I regret to report that I have not finished a single book in January. I am currently reading three books, and one of them is pretty long. That's my excuse. I could come up with more excuses, but I'll spare us both. I am enjoying the books I'm reading.

2. I wanted to get in some writing practice/free writing each day and fill a whole spiral bound notebook. I didn't quite do that. I did fill most of a notebook and wrote many days out of the month. I used the time while waiting on kids to finish activities to write, so I'm happy with that. Often, this time gets sucked up running errands, so to turn it into writing time is good.

3. I wanted to host weekly haiku challenges here. I missed one week. I have not held the challenges in the same way twice. I may need to revamp this goal.

4. I signed up for the Random Complexity Writer's Challenge hosted by In Search of Giants.
The goal is to write 1000 words of fiction each month. I wrote several stories in my writing notebook, although I never estimated the number of words written. For January, the entries in the Clarity of Night writing contest counted for the entire 1000 words, even though the contest called for a maximum of 250 words. So, I've met the January goal for the Writer's Challenge.

5. Speaking of the Clarity of Night contest, I was happy with my entry. Thank you to those of you who read my entry. Your encouraging comments mean a lot. I did not win or place in the contest, but it was a great challenge and I really enjoyed participating. I also learned a lot from reading the other entries.

On to February!

I feel compelled to say that I really did think this was January 31. Maybe I'm just very ready for the month to be over!


The Bumbles said...

I think you need to set fewer goals! Or stop multi-tasking and focus on 1 thing - I like making lists and crossing things off of them. So I make them like this:
#1 - Make List (check)
#2 - Cross something off list (check)
See how easy that is?

Jenners said...

I think you did great! You set some pretty ambitious goals and you did wonderfully!

Re: Books: If you are enjoying them, then that is all that matters. When you are done, you'll log them. It doesn't matter how MANY you read ... just enjoy the books. I started tracking them last year simply because I was curious how many I read in a year ... little did I know it would be a great tool for book blogging, which I discovered at the end of last year.

And I think writing is a very difficult process so that you found any time to write is fantastic! And that you entered a contest was amazing!

I think you did wonderfully. Here I am -- giving you a standing ovation!

Melissa B. said...

Good job, keeping on task! Are you entering Six Word Saturday? I think it's such a neat idea!

Call Me Cate said...

I'm about to assess my January progress as well. And I have to agree with Jenners - books are for enjoying. I go back and forth with how I'm measuring that goal for me. Do I stick with a book a month? Do I go with a number of hours or pages a day? A week? But the most important thing is to be reading and finding pleasure in it, which you're doing. So I declare a win!

Veggie Mom said...

I'm working diligently on writing 1,000 words a month...January=1,119, so I think I might be able to last the whole year!

Karen (KayKay) said...

Those were very ambitious goals. I think you did wonderfully. I have a hard time logging what I'm reading as well - I just seem to forget to do it. Glad that you are enjoying your current reads.

jubilee said...

I, too, think you've got some hefty goals on your list. Good for you! I've enjoyed browsing through your blog.

Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a sweet comment on mine.