Thursday, December 14, 2006

Poetry Thursday

The Poetry Thursday writing prompt this week was “streets”. Here are two poems I wrote after pondering that prompt for a while. The first is a memory from my childhood. The second I wrote out quickly and the last line made me laugh.

Little girl on this side of the street
And little girl on that side of the street
Looking at each other
Separated by wet, sticky tar
A black, oily smelling barrier.

One stands and places her bare foot
On the street, testing,
Imprinting a permanent reminder of the day
The street pavers kept her from
Playing with her friend.

Streets curve and veer
Joining and parting haphazardly
I search for order
And make a right turn
On Destiny Drive.


Regina Clare Jane said...

I like them very much! Barrier especially got to me.
This is only my second post for Poetry Thursday and it's been a wonderful experience! So, welcome!

Jon said...

I really like the way that your images of the barefoot girl "testing" the tar captures the idea that even the smallest of our actions leave permanent traces somewhere.

I enjoyed both of these poems. Thanks so much for sharing.

dennis said...

"I search for order
And make a right turn
On Destiny Drive"

I love the double word play in "right turn". Both poems are wonderful, but I favor "Direction"
So much packed into this tiny taste. I want more.

Rethabile said...

The first one's really sad, ain't it?

Pearl said...

Like your response to the prompts and your Winnie the Pooh quote.