Monday, December 18, 2006

One Deep Breath - Storms

This week’s haiku prompt at One Deep Breath is Storms. Here are four that show what storms make me think of. The first is one that I’ve already shared on here, but it is the storm that rages most often for me.

Electrical storm
Shocking, jolting pain in brain
Bring me quick relief


Rain to sleet to ice
Transforms world into sparkling
Fragile, glass sculptures.


Whirlwind twisting house
High over Kansas crushing
Wicked Witch of East

Withered witch’s feet
In rhinestone, ruby slippers
Magic passage home.


Storm rages at night
Over Sea of Galilee
“Save us, please!” they cried.

Jesus rose and spoke
The wind and the waves obeyed
The men were amazed

The Creator calms
His creation and quiets
Our storms even now

He cradles His flock
As peals of thunder rumble
And lightening strikes near

Lord Jesus calm me
When winds howl and gust and rage
Hold me close to you.


Crafty Green Poet said...

Lots of different storms here to think about!

Tammy said...

I could have stayed here all day! I get migraines, love The Wizard of Oz and I live by that story of Jesus. Thank you! You made my day ;)