Thursday, December 28, 2006

One Deep Breath - Weathering/Aging

The haiku prompt for this week at One Deep Breath is weathering/aging.

The first is inspired by my own reflection in the mirror.

White strands sprinkle through
My brown locks like foil
Icicles on tree.


Our House

One hundred fifty
Years of daily life under
This old, metal roof


This one is inspired by my cookbook that is falling apart and bulging.


Passed down, collected
cooked, simmered, baked, concocted
Savor memories


Neasa said...

All very nice haiku - my favorite is the cookbook tribute.

Pearl said...

Hi Tiffany
I like Our House best.

getzapped said...

They're both very nice, but the second say so much with so few words. I can only imagine all the lives that have lived under that roof.

megan said...

really like the comparison of the white strands to shiny foil icicles on a tree... nice imagery, plus it highlights the truth that white strands are an adornment.